Walker Family | Family Session

I can’t even begin to describe how much love I have for this family. I really consider them family and they call Cory, Abigail, Isaac, and I part of theirs. They’ve been so instrumental in my life for such a long time.

We go waaaay back. Pam was my tenth grade english teacher. I babysat made forts with the kids when they were little. I took care of Jake after he had hip surgery. They visited us in the hospital after having Abigail and made me cry with their sweet gifts. Seriously guys. I love them.

Also, they are beautiful. Aren’t they?!


Thanks for letting me capture your beautiful personalities! You were truly a blast.

(And thanks, Scott, for the photo-taking advice.) 😉

Liam turns TWO at the ZOO | Party Session

To say I love this family would be an understatement. Brittany and I became instant best friends a few years ago. Will (her husband) played football at Troy with Cory. Seriously. Best people ever. B and I became pregnant with our first babies within four months of each other. We then became pregnant with our second babies within two months of each other. We are basically the same person. I love it.

Anyway, today Liam celebrated his second birthday at the Montgomery Zoo. It was a total blast. He was absolutely adorable the entire day. (Also, he and Abigail met and fell in love instantly. Best birthday present ever?)


Is he not the cutest red-head you’ve ever seen?! I love this boy and his momma. Happy Birthday, sweet Liam!

Tim & MaeLee | Holiday Family Photos

Today I had the pleasure of photographing two new friends and their gorgeous baby. I am truly grateful the Lord led us together so many years ago, and again in the same city! Here’s a little teaser of what went on today.


Contact me if you’d like me to photograph your family this season! (Shoot me an email at: emailoverthesun@gmail.com)

Coming Soon…

I’ve always dreamed of three professions. First was being a mother. I’m seriously living that dream and that’s the best feeling in the world. Second was being a teacher. While I am no longer on track to become a 2nd grade teacher in a school setting, I am excited to one day (all too soon) teach my own babies in my own jammies home. Lastly, I’ve always dreamed of being a photographer. I’m not sure when the desire began or why I picked it, but its been there since I can remember. Aside from being excellent at wiping buggies without flinching and keeping humans alive, I’ve always known this is one of my only true talents.

After waiting forever for the right time, I’ve decided to go semi-pro. That’s right! I’m taking clients! (That sounds so crazy.)

I am currently working on building my portfolio, so patience Prudence. But let me know if you’re interested in letting me bless your family with some some rad photos! Here’s a tiny example of my past work:


sp100 copy

IMG_0803 copy

My Favorite Things | The Nursery

Right on track with my waiting forever in between posts schedule! It took all I had not to take pictures of literally everything in that room! That’s not true. I did take pictures of everything. But as I was editing, I realized that this is not a room tour, its a series on my favorite things. I had to narrow it down to a few things. One wall actually. But don’t you worry! I’ll show the pictures of the entire room someday. I promise! So without further ado…


Back when Abigail was our one and only, I split these shelves with all of her most valuable and treasured things, but now that we have two I gave them each a shelf to house my their most treasured items.


On Abigail’s shelf: (from right to left) a framed verse I found on Pinterest, a glass lightbulb jar (from Hobby Lobby) filled with our hospital bracelets, the bear that the nurses gave us with all of Abigail’s birth stats, two figurines given to us by her uncle, a cardboard letter A (also from Hobby Lobby), and an old alarm clock stuck at the exact time she was born.


On Isaac’s shelf: (from right to left) a framed verse (the same verse as Abigail’s) that Cory made, a glass lightbulb jar filled with our hospital bracelets, a keepsake football with all of Isaac’s birth stats, an elephant figurine from South Africa given to her by her aunt, a cardboard letter I, and an old alarm clock stuck at the exact time he was born.


These little gems are also my favorites. We actually just put these up a few days ago. I love them! Cory made these too. He’s talented, huh?


Oh, and here’s my most favorite thing in this room (Isaac was napping in our bedroom, so he was my favorite thing in that room at the time I took these photos). She’s quite the bedhead beauty, isn’t she?

Stay tuned for the next room on the list, the bathroom!

Encourage Me

If you know me at all in real life, I’ve probably recommended Girl Talk to you. Seriously, its my favorite. I’m admittedly a bit of a groupie. I was in Louisville about a month ago and I’m still kicking myself for not meeting some of the girls. So is life…

Anyway, I was reading their most recent blog post, and as usual, it encouraged me sooo much. I was even talking to a friend recently about how I just got out of what I called a “mommy rut.” I desperately needed this!

I originally wrote out all of the reminders and tacked them above my sink.


I wasn’t a fan of my not-so-neat handwriting and the alignment was all off. I just didn’t like it, ok?

So I made these and I love it!


I love having these to remind me of the JOY of motherhood as I’m doing something I don’t usually associate with joy. Even last night when I was up past my bedtime catching up on dishes, reading these so encouraged my heart and I woke up this morning excited to wake my babies up! Scripture sure has a way with me. You would think I would know that by now.

What has encouraged you lately? Have you ever heard of Girl Talk? If you haven’t, take a few hours minutes and check them out! I promise you will leave encouraged.

RUN, Don’t Walk!


Remember that? I referenced it in my last post, but what I failed to mention (only because I had no idea where it was from and who produced it. I do now, though) is that its from an artist company called Collins. I got excited when I saw that you could purchase from their website, but then quickly got unexcited when I figured out you could only buy when you make a wholesale order. As much as I wish I could, I don’t plan on opening up my own shop with these for sale.

I digress. When a friend shot me a text letting me know that these beauties can be found over at Zulily, I nearly died! How awesome!

I talked my sweet Nana into getting me one as my Christmas present (side note: that junk is only 2 1/2 months away! What the heck!?) and its expected to ship in a week or two. You should go over there NOW and get yourself one! Make sure to follow the link when you do, it will credit my account $15. That’s real kind of you. Thanks!

Click here to get your own! >> http://www.zulily.com/invite/awilkes123 <<

But HURRY, this goes away tomorrow morning at 8am!!

My Favorite Things | Living Room

So I introduced my idea for showcasing my favorite things in yesterday’s post and I let myself get totally excited. This is already doing wonders for my appreciation of things that have been given graciously to me. Without further ado…

LR1This project took forever to get out of my head. The window was given to me by a dear friend of mine. I had it for so long and it just sat there for a long time because I wanted to do something awesome with it. Then we moved one or two times and it just kept getting tossed aside. I finally decided I wanted to hang some frames on either side of it so I picked up two 16 x 20 frames at Target. Also, I snagged the quatrefoil wrapping paper out of the dollar bin there. Score! I then fastened picture wire to the back of the window and hung them all up. I absolutely love the mix between vintage and modern going on here. I’m so proud of this!


This! Seriously one of my favorites! While I was in the hospital after having Isaac, Cory picked this up for me in the hospital gift shop. Can you believe it? It’s the best. I was there during Mother’s Day so this was my gift from him. There’s another one like this in the nursery, but that is for another day!

What are your favorite things in your living room? Any floating windows or hospital gift shop goods? I’d love to know what your favorite things are!

My Favorite Things | A New Series

I have a confession to make. I covet. A lot. Its mainly when I see things in stores. And its mainly those things in stores that I cannot buy. Its a problem, I know.

I’ve thought a lot about it recently, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to take a fresh look at the things that I do have. I have collected some things to decorate my home with that I am absolutely over the moon for.

So here’s what I plan to do: I am going to devote a series to my favorite things within my home. These things have come from places all over and I am proud to call them mine. My intent is not to make you covet, however. That would kind of ruin my purpose with this, so try to be better than me, eh? My goal is to renew my appreciation of things that are already mine. Got it? There are only so many ways I can say the same thought different ways. Sorry, I tried.

Stay tuned!